Brandon Rose began playing the bass guitar at the age of 5.  He asked his father to buy him a bass guitar for Christmas while on stage at Word of Faith Christian, after watching Henry Roberson the churches bass player play.  Brandon began working Henry Roberson and after one lesson Mr. Roberson said this kid is a natural.  One year later Brandon played his bass for the kid’s choir at Word of Faith.  Since then Brandon has traveled to Los Angeles on several occasions playing his bass in vendor’s booths at the NAMM show and for Bass Player Live sponsored events.  He has played with and for bass guitar greats such as Marcus Miller, Stanley Clark, Ricky Minor, Ralph Armstrong, Jeff Berlin and Christian McBride.  He has appeared in Bass Player Magazine, performed on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show and made it to the third round of tryouts for NBC’s America’s Got Talent.  Brandon is currently endorsed by Fender bass guitars, SWR Bass Amps, and D.R. Strings.  Brandon also performs in the Detroit area with his own band and is currently the youth bass player for Triumph Church in Detroit MI.  With all his success Brandon remains a humble 14 yr. old kid who loves to put a smile on others face with his talent.


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